Tips to keep your vehicle squeaky clean!


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We\’ve put together 4 essentials tips that will help you keep your car looking spanking new.

Surface of your car The exterior portion of your car is as sensitive as human skin. Even the slightest scratch, dent, or blemish can mar its beauty and therefore it is important that you take meticulously take care of it. Thanks to technological advancement and the wide range of car cleaning products that are available today, maintaining a spotless car is not only easy but can also be a lot of fun. Auto paints has also improved by leaps and bounds and are far shinier and durable today. A paint-cleaning clay, microfiber cloths, aloe leather healer and chemical paint cleans are more than sufficient to keep your car shining like a new penny.

Carpet Cleaning Clean interiors go a long way in making your drive a pleasurable one. One of the most difficult things to clean inside a car is the carpeting. Due to the texture of carpets most stains settle deep inside the fabric and do not easily come off. Therefore, you will need compressed air and stiff scrub brushes to coax these stains out of the carpet. The compressed air will help you get into those nooks and crannies where your hands can\’t reach and blow the entire gunk on to the carpet. All you have to do next is to vacuum it.


Car Smell Many people don\’t tend to realise that the source of an unpleasant odour in the car could very be coming from the air-conditioning ducts. These shafts are often missed out during regular cleaning and over time the dust and dirt that settles on it can emit a foul odour. In order to clean these ducts you can use a small, portable air compressor that will blow out all the debris from your heating and air-conditioning shafts.

Tire Cleaning The condition of your car tyres tell a lot about the overall maintenance standards of a car owner. Grab any good non-acid based tire cleaner to scrub the tires and coax all the filth out of the tyre grooves and from its surface. Though acid cleaners are more effective for this kind of cleaning but it is not advisable as DIY product since it may cause corrosion of alloy wheels or painted wheels.

Hand Wash Yes, it is a little bit of hard work but there is nothing sweeter than the fruits of hard labour. Most experts believe that hand washing is the best way to keep you car in mint condition as it helps retain the original shape of your car compared to machine washes. Many people tend to use detergents to clean the car unaware that along with the stains the chemicals present in a detergent also strips the protective wax coatings off a car. Therefore, always use a carwash solution or any other product that has been certified as safe to use for washing a car.

These are just some of the basic but nonetheless the most important steps that will help you look after your car.

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