The Paint Spectrum: Upcoming Trends in Exterior House Colors for 2023

Every new year brings exciting trends in fashion, design, and even house colors. As an expert in home aesthetics, I continuously keep an eye on the latest and upcoming trends for house exteriors. If you’re looking to give your home a fresh, trendy update in 2023, here’s what’s trending in exterior house colors.

With the start of the new year, the trend scene is witnessing a shift towards soothing pastels, nature-inspired hues, and muted jewel tones.

The residential painters Boat Harbour group has noticed an increased demand for these shades, emphasizing that homeowners want a serene and comforting environment more than ever after the tumultuous years we’ve gone through.

First off, we’re seeing a turn to chalky off-white shades for home exteriors. This isn’t the harsh, commercial white of the past, but a softer, warmer white that reflects light beautifully and works harmoniously with natural surroundings. A muted off-white exterior provides a clean yet inviting look, and allows for dynamic contrasts with your landscaping or exterior decorations.

Next in line are greys – but not just any grey, we’re talking blue-toned greys. This particular shade has been extremely popular among new homeowners and those looking for a chic, modern look. There’s a cooling effect with blue-grey tones that has a modern, edgy yet comforting vibe to it.

In 2023, it’s not just about staying neutral, so if you’re inclined towards more vivid hues, you’re in for a treat. Earthy tones and nature-inspired colors are making a strong comeback. Be ready to see more homes painted in warm terracotta, muted olive green, and rich ultramarine blue shades. These colors elicit a welcoming, grounded feeling and effortlessly blend in with natural settings.

Pastels, too, are having their moment. Sky blue, blushing pink, seafoam green, lilac, and similar hues are seeing increased popularity. These soothing colors add charm and playfulness to homes without being overwhelmingly intense or demanding.

Lastly, for the bold and adventurous, jewel tones are predicted to trend in 2023. The residential painters Boat Harbour group have seen increased interest in these deep, rich colors like emerald green, deep sapphire blue, and royal purple. Jewel-toned exteriors make a dramatic and luxurious statement. They are perfect for those who aren’t afraid of standing out and want to make their homes a representation of their bold personalities.

The key to executing these trendy colors effectively is to pair them with the right trim and accent colors. The aforementioned group often advises homeowners to consider their roofing color, landscaping, neighborhood, and surrounding nature in selecting the best color palette. For instance, a terracotta exterior with subtle sand-colored trims can beautifully complement a Spanish-style home, whereas a blue-grey exterior could be perfectly offset by crisp white trims for a beachy, coastal feel.

Remember, painting your home exterior is a significant endeavor, but it’s one that can entirely transform your house’s curb appeal and create a welcoming space. So, as 2023 unfolds, consider these trending colors and create the perfect exterior that tells your story and showcases your style.